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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Drugs rehab centre sees rise in self check ins

The Al-Islah Rehabilation Centre located at Kg Kupang, Tutong

Izzati Jalil

THE number of drug addicts who voluntarily checked into the Al-Islah Rehabilation Centre has tripled over the past four years, data from the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) showed.

A total of 32 drug addicts entered rehab themselves last year, up from just nine voluntary admissions in 2012.

According to NCB, a total of 94 Bruneian drug addicts had sought treatment from 2012 to 2015.

Out of the 94 drug addicts who voluntarily entered Al-Islah, 83 were males and 11 were females, with a majority of them of Malay ethnicity.

Statistics also showed that out of the 94 self-admitted drug addicts, 68 per cent of them were unemployed, while eight were self-employed and two were working in the government sector.

Meanwhile, figures from NCB showed that there were 17 students arrested for drug offences last year.

Out of the students, only three of them checked into Al-Islah Rehabilitation Centre.

Acting Assistant Director of the Preventive Drug Education Division Raimawati Hj Badarudin said young people are more prone to drug abuse as a result of peer pressure.

Speaking on the sidelines of NCB’s roadshow at Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College yesterday, she advised parents to ensure their children remain drug-free by being a part of their lives and set a good example to their children.

“Keeping track of your children helps you protect them. It gives them less chance to get into drugs, so talk to them and be their friend but also set some boundaries,” she said.

It was previously reported that self admitted drug addicts stay at the Al-Islah Rehabilitation Centre from six to 36 months and are only released when the centre’s officers felt they were ready.

Both male and female quarters have their own facilities including a courtyard, a library, a counselling room and a kitchen.

Family members of people with substance abuse problems are allowed visitation rights once a week.

Sumber - The Brunei Times

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