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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Young and jobless? Till 18has of paddy fields

Rafidah Hamit

THE Youth Development Centre (PPB) has introduced a new course to encourage youths to pursue a career in agriculture, particularly in rice production.

Kursus Belia Berpadi aims to give opportunities to youths that have left school and are unemployed, said Assistant Training Officer at PPB Hj Ruslan Hj Kurus.

“This initiative is also introduced to help curb unemployment.”

Hj Ruslan said the programme will be for six months. In the first two months, participants will go through a training skills programme.

“For the remaining four months, participants will go for attachment at selected padi farms to experience and see for themselves how it all works.”

Upon completion of the programme, Hj Ruslan said participants will each be given 18 hectares for rice cultivation in Kampung Bebuloh.

“They will be required to produce 1-1.5 metric tonnes per hectare every season for the first two years.

“The required amount of produce will increase every year. If they succeed in producing the required amount every year, they can continue to grow padi.”

PPB will provide farm inputs such as manure and insecticides throughout the whole course. Farm machineries will be made available for their use.

Agriculture experts will also provide assistance to the participants once they start rice production.

The programme will have 18 participants.

Those eligible to apply for the programme must be a citizen and permanent resident of the country, aged 18 to 40 years old, interested in growing padi, is healthy and no longer in school or employed.

Hj Ruslan added that participants would also need to know how to read, write and count.

“Those who are able to speak in English, have experience as well as family members who are in padi planting industry would have advantage.”

“The participants are also required to consistently attend the Brunei Rice Farmers Field School (RFFS) and have no plot of land used for agricultural purposes.”

Interested applicants can get forms and more information on the course from Saiful Rizal Hj Ariffin, Hj Ruslan Hj Kurus or Amiruldinie Hj Nasruddin at the Youth Development Centre at 2393682.

The closing date for registration is on November 18.

Sumber - The Brunei Times

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